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A portrait of Michiaki Yasumura.
Emeritus Prof. Michiaki YASUMURA

Faculty of Environment and Information Studies.
Graduate School of Media and Governance.
Senior Researcher of Keio Research Institute,
Keio University at Shonan Fujisawa Campus. [Faculty only]

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  • News & Key words
  • [Keywords]: Interface2.0, Programming2.0, Game2.0, Everyday Interface, Interaction Design, Fashion Design, Time Design.

  • Lectures:
  • Symbolic Programming (Lisp Programming): Undergraduate course. (Spring)
  • Interface Design: Undergraduate course. (Spring) Murphy's law in Human Interface by M. Yasumura. Revised version.
  • HCI (Human Computer Interaction) Design: Graduate course. (Fall)
  • Information Technology and Learning Environment: Graduate course. (Fall)
  • Programming Methodology: Undergraduate course. (Fall)
  • Language System Design: Undergraduate course. (Fall)

  • Research Projects: Yasumura Lab. Top Page, Interaction Design Laboratory.
  • Interaction Design Project: Graduate School Project.
  • Human Interface Design Project: Undergraduate Project.
  • ACCESS Research Group for Universal Design.

  • Conference Schedules: ... To be updated ....
    Related Academic Societies:
  • Japan Society for Software Science and Technology JSSST Related Information
  • Human Interface Society
  • Information Processing Society of Japan
  • ACM and ACM SIGCHI. ACM Japan Chapter.

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  • Master Thesis in Yasumura Lab (in Japanese )

  • Eye of Interface:
  • Eye of Interfaces No.1 7digit zip code, Traffic jam, Wide TV's.(in Japanese )
  • Eye of Interfaces No.2 Size of tie, Door of icebox, Improvement of Odakyu line. (in Japanese )
  • Eye of Interfaces No.3 Campus outlook, Home electronics + digital device=?, Sign of a store. (in Japanese )
  • Eye of Interfaces No.4 My diet method, Japanese FEP, Murphy's law in HI.(in Japanese )
  • Eye of Interfaces No.5 Happy keyboard, Missing long Vowels, Vendor's business. (in Japanese )
  • Eye of Interfaces No.6 Software for greeting cards, hyper clean-up of bookshelves, Merit of snow. (in Japanese )
  • Eye of Interfaces No.7 Personal stamps, face of a car, Laptop in train.(in Japanese )
  • Eye of Interfaces No.8 Modern 5 Sports in Winter?, Digital Reservation of VCR, Secret of "share".(in Japanese )
  • Eye of Interfaces No.9 Bicycles left at stations, Tennis Robots, Navi-guide Robots (in Japanese ).
  • Eye of Interfaces No.10 Sick Building, Talk with Animals, Ticket Vendor Machines (in Japanese ).
  • Eye of Interfaces No.11 Finacial Support for Disabled, Discount Fee for Communications, Caption Systems. (in Japanese ).
  • Eye of Interfaces No.12 Is "Human Error" the cause of accidents?, Alergy and low pressure, Children's outdoor games. (in Japanese ).
  • Eye of Interfaces No.13 New Holidays Law, The Way to Author, Appearence of the Traffic Signs. (in Japanese ).
  • Eye of Interfaces No.14 Are the Attached Files necessary?, High Pressure Calling, Is the frame usefull? (in Japanese ).

  • Hobbies:
  • Hiking, Hot Spa, Visiting Castles, Tennis, Readings , Ski, My Family("Nanachan"),

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  • Conference Logs, other News
  • If you would like know how to reach Keio SFC, please click here.
  • Nirekko Group home page is open. (in Japanese )
  • Page of Niche .(in Japanese )

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  • Yasumura Research Group (in Japanese)
  • Yasumura's Advisory Group Member list (SFC only, in Japanese )
  • Web: W3C . WAI. KDD HTML Memo .
  • Search Engine: Yahoo Japan , Infoseek Japan , Goo Japan, Infoseek , Yahoo , Excite .
  • Dictionaries: English to Japanese (Eva), Dictionaries (in Japanese ).
  • Train Map (in Japanese ). Station Guide.
  • Time Table of Buns and Trains (in Japanese).
  • Japan Highway Public Corp.
  • Map: MapFan (in Japanese ). Shonandai Town Map (in Japanese ). Akihabara Map (in Japanese )
  • WWW Map for Japan . The Virtual WWW Information
  • Newspaper: Asahi newspaper. (in Japanese ) Nikkei (in Japanese ). yomiuri (in Japanese ). Mainichi (in Japanese ). USA Today . Japan Times.
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  • Weather Map of Japan(Himawari) . TBS Weather Guide.
  • Thema parks: Universal Studio Japan: USJ(Osaka). Tokyo Disney Resort(Urayasu, Chiba).
  • Museums: Tokyo National Museum(Ueno, Tokyo). Museum of Contemporary Art(Ueno, Tokyo). National Meseum of Modern Art (in Japanese)(Ueno, Tokyo). NTT ICC (Inter Communication Center)(West of Shinjuku, Tokyo). Edo-Tokyo Museum(Ryogoku, Tokyo). Kite Museum(Nihonbashi, Tokyo). Bonsai Museum(Tokyo). National Museum of Emerging Science and Inovation (Odaiba, Tokyo). Sony's Exploratorium(In Japanese) (Odaiba, Tokyo). Tokyo Metroplitan Museum of Photography Information (Ebisu, Tokyo). Nezu Institute of Fine Arts(Omote-sando, Tokyo). Suntory Museum of ART(Akasaka-Mitsuke, Tokyo). Bunkamura(Shibuya, Tokyo). Louvre Art Museum (France). Smithsonian Museum(U.S.A). The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku)(Japan).
  • Japanese Arts: National Theatre(Tokyo). Kabuki-za Theater. Kabuki .
  • Japanese Sports: Sumo(Japanese Traditional Wrestling).
  • Places to go: Tsukiji Fish Market(Tokyo).

  • HI References:
  • HCI Links (by Kishi, in Japanese )
  • Book References on Human Interface (in Japanese )
  • Augmented Reality Reference Links (by Rekitomo)
  • Links to Universal Design related sites
  • Aged People(in Japanese )
  • Disabled (Univ. of Wisconsin, Trace Center)
  • Kokoro Web (in Japanese )
  • Principles of Universal Design (in Japanese ).
  • CSUN.
  • Takuro Hatakeyama (in Japanese )
  • Scientific Visualization in Cornell
  • Multimodal Interface Reseaerch Institutes:
    ETL, Aizu Univ., Toshiba Corp., SRI, Washington Univ..
  • Links to other Societies.
  • Japan Warai (laugh) Society
  • Japan Face Society
  • Virtual Reality Society Japan
  • Robotics Society of Japan
  • Japan Ergonomics Society
  • The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers. Human Communication Group.
  • Japanese Society for rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities.

  • Collaborators
  • IPA (Information Technology Promotion Agency, Japan)
  • JSPS(Japan Society for the Promotion of Science).
  • University of Tsukuba: Center for Tsukuba Advanced Research Alliance(TARA).
  • National Institute of Multimedia Education(NIME).
  • National Museum of Ethnology(Minpaku). National Museum of Emergence Science and Inovation (Miraikan).
  • Tokyo Marine Research Institute (in Japanese).
  • NTT Microsystem Integration Laboratories.
  • NHK Sciencs and Technlogy Labolatories.
  • The University of the Air.
  • ATR MIC(Media Integration & Communications Labotatories).
    ATR ITL (Interpreting Telecommunications Research Laboratories).
  • Ricoh
  • Pioneer
  • Fuji Xerox
  • Fuji Research Institute Corp.
  • Hitachi , Central Research Lab.
  • IBM Japan, Tokyo Research Institute
  • Kanagawa Rehabilitation Center
  • NEDO
  • ETL (Electro-Technical Lab)
  • Matsushita Electric Works
  • AXE, Inc.
  • UDIT

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